About Diane

Diane Bezucha

Brooklyn, NY


I am a documentary photojournalist with an eye for authenticity and beauty, even in life’s simplest moments. I enjoy taking pictures that tell a story because for me, storytelling is an act of love. And this world needs more of that. I will help you tell your story in a way that doesn’t just have you looking your best, but captures what you feel like as your best, most genuine self. 

In my photography, as in my life, I keep it real. Because I am a documentary photojournalist, I shoot weddings and portraits with a street photography style. This means natural light whenever possible, and candid, authentic moments that capture who you really are and what your day felt like, rather than posed and awkward portraits that remind you of elementary school picture day.

I have a background in teaching that has given me patience, organizational skills, a sense of humor, comfort in working with all different people (especially kids), and ability to direct groups of people. On your special day, you can have confidence that I will take care of everything and we will have fun doing it.

I am originally from Wisconsin, but have neither the accent nor the waistline to prove it. (Okay, maybe the waistline). I spent seven years living, teaching, and running through the redwoods of the Bay Area before moving to New York City. Now I live in Brooklyn with my dog Milo, who loves to wander local neighborhoods as much as I do. When not taking pictures, I’m cooking a new recipe for friends, rocking a karaoke stage, or exploring the great outdoors.

Photography for Good

In addition to photography, I serve as the Director of Programs for the Josephine Herrick Project - a nonprofit that provides free photography programs for individuals facing social, physical, and economic barriers in life. For our participants, the camera can be a transformative tool for self-expression, exploration, skill-building, and advocacy. Through classes, community photowalks, and public exhibitions participants have the opportunity to engage with their community, think critically and creatively, tell their own stories, and share their ideas with a wider audience, effecting change in their own lives and the world around them. When you choose me as your photographer, you are also supporting this critical work.